Masao Kagawa was born on June 8th, 1955 in the Osaka city of Japan. He attended the Teikyo University. He was adorned with the title with responsibilities of the Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei. Masao Kagawa is considered to be one of the finest and most efficient technicians who have ever graduated from the JKA instructor’s course. He is unbeatable when it comes to karate and his super kicking abilities is quite popular.

The Success Story

He was efficient enough to win the JKA All Japan Grand Champion in 1985 and also took his success to the next level by winning the JKA World Kumite Champion title in England in 1990. He went ahead to win many other championships such as a gold in Team kata at the WKF world championships in Australia, 1996 and Grand Champion at the JKA (Asai faction) World Championships in Dubai, 1999.Kagawa spents his time, energy and concentration at the moment on the JKS and the JKF national teams.

Efficiency in Disguise

Masao Kagawa is undoubtedly one of the most efficient instructors in Japan. He acts the role of a head coach for the JKF national squad. Many world champions have attained training from him at both JKS and WKF. The fact that he could lead Japan to the top of the medals table as a head coach at the recently held WKF World Championships in Bremen, Germany in 2014 is the testimony that he is one of the best instructors the world has seen. With the confidence that Kagawa gained from studying Asai Sensei’s karate for a number of years, and the support from the elite members of JKS Hombu Dojo instructors, Kagawa is all set to continue putting in the best of his efforts to take JKS to a next level of success.

Masao Kagawa and JKS

Masao Kagawa Sensei is currently the senior director of JKS. He is known to be immensely talented and efficient when it comes to karate and technical skills. He has been successful in achieving great karate titles on the Tatami in both national and international levels. He is considered and looked up to as the best instructor in Japan. He has a great understanding about Asai Shihan karate, and is undoubtedly the apt person to take JKS to the next level. Japan Karate Shotorenmei is under JKS Japan and Masao Kagawa Sensei with all his efficiency and dedication is the best person to lead the team to reap stunning results.

Kagawa and His Style of Training

Masao Kagawa Sensei’s teaching methods are unique. He gives importance to various techniques and postures and focuses more on the stances, punches, kicks, blocks and strikes plus great sections on correct Hip-rotation and hip-snap/vibration, plus shoulder-snap/extension. He puts in the best of his efforts in training and helping the students to get these things perfect and flawless. His kicking techniques are different and splendid. He inspires his students to a great extent through this training methods and his attitude to life and karate. He believes that they, the traditional karateka practice a ‘do’form where in karate is practiced not just in the physical level only, but the philosophy is also incorporated for this is karate-Do. This differs from karate-jutsu.

Masao Kagawa is without doubt one of the legends alive in the genre of karate. He is a living testimony of how perfection and efficiency can be brought into life through hardwork and dedication. What makes him different from other karate instructors is his attitude to life. He considers karate not just as a physical act, but a philosophical act as well. He connects it to life and that is what makes him embrace karate in all its fullness.