The Shotokan Karate School & Martial Arts Institute in Kochi

Rei is the first and only Karate training center in Cochin that is allied to Bodhidharma JKS India, one of the affiliated Indian branches of Japan Karate Shoto Renmei. It was founded in the year 2015 by Bodhidharma instructors Sensei Sunil P V and Sempai Neena A C.
We practice Shotokan Karate which is the toughest among the four major Karate styles. The training is provided to all strata of people irrespective of age, gender and religion. The belt grading is conducted regularly to take students to the next level and the endorsement is awarded directly by Bodhidharma JKS India. The certification is recognized by Japan Karate Federation, World Karate Federation, Asian Karate Federation, All India Karate Federation & Kerala Karate Association
No Age Limit
Certified Trainers
Budo Spirit
Women Empowerment

What it means by ‘Rei’?

Rei derived its name from the Japanese word ‘礼’ meaning bowing to show respect for others. The logo exactly reveals what it means by ‘Rei’. The green leaves shows concern for nature and the yellow wooden text indicates positive thinking. The man who bows conveys the message ‘Karate begins and ends with respect’ an important precept by Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern Karate.

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