Kihon refers to the “basics” or “fundamentals”of karate. The basic techniques of karate, and its’ practice and repetition are better described using this term. One of the features of Kihon is that it can be performed from a stationary position or with footwork. Being a genre of karate which can be performed individually or in large groups, it is considered to be the alphabet of karate.
Kata are created by arranging various techniques of Kihon into sequences. The birth of Kumite happens when one learns on how to apply Kihon techniques to another person.
Kihon is an important aspect which is inevitable for the development of an organized karate technique. Thus, the Shotokan students make sure that they spend a considerable amount of time trying to get it right and make it flawless. All the other aspects of karate are said to improve effortlessly if one’s kihon skills are improved. Kihon can be organized in 5 categories.
No Age Limit
Certified Trainers
Budo Spirit
Women Empowerment



Stances are considered to be the most important element of kihon by the instructors of highest level. A stance must be very strong as it is close to being the foundation. One’s center of gravity is lowered and stability is improved through stances. It is with the help of a…

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Uke is the term given to the word “receive”. The blocking techniques in karate are referred to as uke. The technique of defending against attack and avoid the chances of being hit is that which is done in blocks. This being commonly performed with arms or hands, is preceded…

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Tsuki is translated as ‘thrust. Tsukis is the title given to any thrusting technique. Punches in karate are termed as tsuki. It is with the help of two knuckles of the fist which are called seiken (fore-fist) that these attacks are traditionally delivered. The techniques performed with the..

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All attacks performed with the feet or legs are included in Geri or kicks. These are more powerful than the rest as the muscles of the leg are much larger and stronger than the muscles. The attack range is greater in kicks. The kicks will be slower…

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Different parts of the hand or arm perform these strikes and they can be quite diverse. This is considered to be karateka’s most versatile weapon as this aim at a target from many directions and angles. Strikes require excellent accuracy as they are the most useful against…

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