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Sempai Neena AC wins gold medal in Kenryu championship

Kerala State Invitational Kenryu Karate Championship 2016 – The black belts and Color belts team headed by Sensei

Karate summer camp for Kidzee Kaloor

Keeping children engaged during their holidays. Summer Karate Camp for Kidzee Kids, Kochi organized by Rei.

19th bodhi cup – black belts tournament winners19th bodhi cup – black belts tournament winners

19th All India Bodhidharma Shotokan Karate Championship – Black Belts Tournament Winner – Sempai Neena

Winners – 19th all india Bodhidharma Shotokan karate championship

Rei represented as Ernakulam Bodhidharma Branch in the 19th Bodhi Cup Color belts tournament held at Thrissur. 16 stude

Celebrating an year of success

Commemorating the efforts put in, the achievements and the fun we had throughout the past year. Rei is celebrating its

Self defense for IBS corporate employees

Team Rei conducts Self defense Training for IBS corporate employees on March 09 2016 as part of International WomenR

‘We choose to fight back’ women’s self defence for suyati

Rei in support of International Women’s Day conducts the ‘We choose to fight back’ Women’s Self De

Karate state championship – REI champions

Rei’s debut in Karate Tournament turned out to be a big day. The championship was held at Edapally Amritha Vidyala

REI belt grading test – Jan 2016

Rei’s 2nd Belt Grading Exam was conducted on 3rd January 2016 at Cochin with Chief Judge, Adv. Shihan Manoj K S. A

Shihan Manoj won kata in JKS Srilanka championship

Adv Shihan Manoj K S, Chief Instructor of Rei and Director of Bodhidharma JKS India representing India won Gold Medal i

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The Shotokan Karate School & Martial Arts Institute in Kochi

Rei in association with Bodhidharma JKS India is founded by Sempai Neena A C (1st DAN Black Belt JKS Japan) and operates in association with Bodhidharma JKS India, one of the recognized Martial Arts Organizations in the world. Though there are various Karate institutions allied to Bodhidharma JKS India, Rei is its first training centre in Cochin. ... Rei prides itself for having its chief instructor Shihan Manoj, Founder of Bodhidharma Academy, who has been champion in many tournaments in the early years. He regularly attends the training programs in Japan every year and has been to seminars of Sensei Masao Kagawa, 8th Dan, World Chief Instructor of JKS, Japan.
Bodhidharma JKS Certification: The belt grading certification is recognized by Japan Karate Federation, World Karate Federation, Asian Karate Federation, All India Karate Federation & Kerala Karate Association
Womens Karate & Self Defence: Join hands to our mission - 'Women Empowerment'. We have special self defence training for women and our female Karate instructors will take you ahead.
Professional & Certified Instructors: Since 1982, Bodhidharma Academy has evolved as a pioneer contributor in the Karate industry with over 200+ black belt certified Karate instructors in India and abroad