Bodhidharma JKS India

prides itself on introducing

Rei Institute of Martial Arts

the Shotokan Karate School in Cochin.

We specialise Shotokan style of Karate for over 35 years and have been providing professional training to 4000+ students under 100+ certified instructors at national & international levels.

We train students regardless of age, gender or religion and we look forward to sculpting 'Bodhidharmans' in Cochin too.

Rei contributes to women empowerment through self defence training designed exclusively for women. So Cochin queens, wake up & join us!

Bodhidharma JKS Certification

The belt grading certification is recognized by Japan Karate Federation, World Karate Federation, Asian Karate Federation, All India Karate Federation & Kerala Karate Association

Womens Karate & Self Defence

Join hands to our mission - 'Women Empowerment'. We have special self defence training for women and our female Karate instructors will take you ahead.

Professional & Certified Instructors

Since 1982, Bodhidharma Academy has evolved as a pioneer contributor in the Karate industry with over 200+ black belt certified Karate instructors in India and abroad

in association with
Bodhidharma JKS India

is founded by Sempai Neena A C (1st DAN Black Belt JKS Japan) and operates in association with Bodhidharma JKS India, one of the recognized Martial Arts Organizations in the world. Though there are various Karate institutions allied to Bodhidharma JKS India, Rei is its first training centre in Cochin.

Rei prides itself for having its chief instructor Shihan Manoj, Founder of Bodhidharma Academy, who has been champion in many tournaments in the early years. He regularly attends the training programs in Japan every year and has been to seminars of Sensei Masao Kagawa, 8th Dan, World Chief Instructor of JKS, Japan.

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Our Team

Shihan Manoj

Chief Instructor

Shotokan Karate

(Founder & Director, Bodhidharma JKS India)

Shihan Pradeep

Chief Instructor

Ryukyukan Karate


Sempai Neena

Founder & Instructor


(Cross-Fitness & Martial Arts)

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