All attacks performed with the feet or legs are included in kicks. These are more powerful than the rest as the muscles of the leg are much larger and stronger than the muscles. The attack range is greater in kicks.
The kicks will be slower comparatively as the leg is bulkier than the arm. The speed is sacrificed as the foot has to travel a further distance in order to reach the target. There comes a point when balance is compromised and kicks leave the karateka on only one leg. Thus the punches are considered more favourably in Shotokan. Keri can be categorized as below.

Basic Kicks

In Shotokan, basic kicks are practiced most often. In every class these are practiced as these kicks are standard. It is in the beginning of the training that these kicks are usually learned. They do not require much flexibility and they are fairly simple.

Advanced Kicks

Advanced kicks are difficult and risky in nature, and are hence practiced much less often. The kicker is left in a precarious position by advanced kicks. These can be deceptive although the use of these kicks can be quite dangerous. Advanced kicks require excellent speed, timing and balance skills and these are very difficult to be performed. It is very important that one has proper flexibility as these kicks cannot be performed otherwise.

Lower Level Kicks

Lower Kicks are not considered as kicks in the conventional sense, as these are to be put into practice with the foot. Breaking of an assailant’s balance or causing damage to an opponent’s legs are the main aim of the kicks. Below hip level (gedan) are the targets for these attacks.

Non-Traditional Kicks

Non- Traditional kicks are not exactly mainstream Shotokan. They are practiced by very few dojo. Good control is very essential in many of these kicks as these are likely to end up in damaging your partner in class or competition. nYou need to be very careful as these can end up causing injury to your own foot or leg. These kicks are not considered as part of the modern Shotokan system, as they cannot be found in Shotokan kata or traditional kumite.

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