Let us admit, Breathing technique is the least discussed topic in Modern karate. When we talk about Modern karate styles like Shotokan, Shito-ryu etc, all that people think is high kicks, fancy moves and sharp techniques. But most of the time on ground, it is evident in dojo that karatekas go breathless in the midst of executing a technique and by the time they finish the kata/kumite,they are exhausted.

In this context, the traditional karate styles like Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu etc still have that stronghold on breathing and emphasize on the same even from the colour belt grades. But trust me, may it be Shotokan or Goju-ryu, the importance and consequences of perfect breathing
holds its importance equally.

So how to do it ??

It is real difficult to put it into words. But in lay man's terms, you breathe in when you are in the midst of any technique (ex:- while extending arm in a punch) and breathe out while delivering it. Inhaling refers to gathering energy and exhaling at the very last moment refers to delivering the same to the opponent.


Mastering proper breathing takes years but you just need one moment to start it. It needs to be practiced in a slow pace initially so that it gets incorporated in your techniques with time and without you even noticing it.

Correct breathing has a scientific implication too. Proper breathing while practicing karate-do trains the lungs which in turn contributes to stamina and generation of power. In traditional aspect, you tend to develop your KI (soul power).

Correct muscle contraction and release paired with timely breathing allows the karateka to generate immense power and keeps the higher energy level high stay longer.

Happy training!!