Bodhidharma JKS India

Bodhidharma JKS India
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Established in the year 1982, Bodhidharma Academy is one of the affiliated branches of Japan Karate Shoto Renmei, Tokyo, Japan. The Academy was founded by Adv. Shihan Manoj K S, 5th DAN JKS Japan in Guruvayur. As of now, it has over 100 branches in and out of Kerala and also abroad.

Bodhidharma Academy specialises in Martial Arts including Shotokan Karate, Kick Boxing, Kalari Payattu, Matayoshi Kobu-do and Yoga. However, the academy rose to fame with its quality Karate training. Currently, there are more than 3000 students practicing Karate at Bodhidharma Academy under certified ‘Bodhidharmans’.

The Academy conducts several camps every month where hundreds of students takes participation. As part of the training, Bodhidharma Academy invites Japanese masters every year to give a better experience to students.

Our Team

World Chief Instructor, JKS | Grandmaster, Bodhidharma Academy

Sensei Masao Kagawa

Renowned for superb kicking ability, Sensei Masao Kagawa is the Grandmaster of Bodhidharma JKS India. He holds 8th DAN Black Belt and was the former JKS instructor. He was adorned with the title with responsibilities of the Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei.

The fact that he could lead Japan to the top of the medals table as a head coach at the recently held WKF World Championships in Bremen, Germany in 2014 is the testimony that he is one of the best instructors the world has seen.

Founder, Bohidharma JKS India | National Rep. JKS

Sensei Manoj K S

Sensei Manoj K S founded Bodhidharma Academy, one of the three affliated Indian branches of Japan Karate Shoto Renmei. Sensei had his debut into Karate when he was pursuing elementary education. He has been winner in many Karate tournaments. He is 5th DAN black belt from JKS Tokyo, Japan.

According to him, Karate means a lot in life. A Karate practitioner must explore deep to know what this incredible art means in life.

Asst. Technical Director & Secretory, Bodhidharma JKS India

Sensei Sunil P V

Sensei Sunil P V is the senior instructor of Bodhidharma JKS India and have been in the academy for 20 years. He pursued Karate during childhood and has been senior instructor for 20 years. He has been the winner in three national Karate championships which were held in the years 2003, 2005 and 2009.

Sensei is the next highest black belt DAN holder who is certified directly from Japan after Shihan Manoj. He holds 3rd DAN JKS, Japan. He is accredited as Kata Judge (KKA/029/14) by Kerala Karate Association

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